3D LookALikes? and Celebgate?


First Mainstream 3D lookalikes, later porn 3D lookalikes?


You know they are coming, but where are we now? Stars has broken the realistic 3D barrier! The staffs of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic faced artistic and technological hurdles: most prominently, using a combination of live action and digital effects to bring back the character Grand Moff Tarkin. This nefarious ally of Darth Vader and commander of the Death Star was played by Peter Cushing, the horror-film actor, who died in 1994.

In doing so, they also waded into a postmodern debate about the ethics of prolonging the life span of a character and his likeness beyond that of the actor who originated the role.


Now let’s discuss porn LookAlikes:

When you thinkg of porn lookalikes you might think of the retired Hungarian pornographic actress Rita Faltoyano and the Swedish Adult Model Doctor Prober.

Rita Faltoyano (9).jpg


But Porn 3D porn will go beyond that. Recent technology has proven that we can raise actors and actresses from dead to shine once again on the big. But if we can recreate a 3D image of people in a mainstream film will pornographers also soon be able to recreate realistic 3D images of famous A-listers doing pornographic things?

Where will it end? When will the line be drawn. Is showing a a 3d rendered peforming fallatio illegal? Can porn companies get sued? We have seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian Lindsay Lohan go after GTA and Old Navy.

If realistic 3D celebrity porn becomes popular will Celebgate become a thing of past?

download (1).jpg




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